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How To Clean Your Faux Mink Strip Lashes

How To Clean Your Faux Mink Strip Lashes

Hi fellow lash babes! I hope this information helps all my ladies who suffer from an early loss of their favorite beloved faux mink eyelash pair. Well say goodbye to early goodbyes! With proper care, our faux mink strip lashes can last up to 20+ times. It’s Important to keep your lashes clean to avoid bacteria and glue build up because if theres any exposure to the eyes, it can cause a very gross experience. EW!

The secret to extending the life expectancy of your lashes is to clean them regularly and properly. Using this tip will help save you money in the long run! So go ahead and dance, sweat, and cry because those puppies will be be fine. Your faux mink lashes will look restored and brand new!

Here are Instructions on How To Clean Your Faux Mink Strip Lashes:

You will need…

  • Lashes
  • Tweezers
  • Dish Soap
  • A Small Bowl
  • A Clean Mascara Wand/Spoolie
  • Towels

Step 1 - Remove Excess Glue

Using your tweezer, carefully remove any excess glue and makeup from the band of the eyelash. Only grab the glue and NOT the band or lash as it can pull out the lashes from the band which would end up ruining your lash.

Step 2 - Make Cleansing Solution

Combine a teaspoon of dish soap and warm water into a small bowl. Then mix the solution together! This cleansing solution has antibacterial properties to help kill any bacteria on the lashes and it helps remove any excess glue/makeup was more harder to take off with the tweezers.

Step 3 - Soak Your Lashes

Place your lashes in the solution and soak them for about 20 minutes. After your 20 minutes have past, you will be able to see the leftover glue and residue that couldn’t come off earlier. DO NOT touch your lashes while they are soaking as they are more delicate in this state. Let them have a nice, peaceful warm soak!

Step 4 - Remove Lashes From Solution

Carefully remove the lashes from your cleansing solution mix with your tweezers and put them on a paper towel. Try NOT to move or touch the lashes while they are wet as they are still fragile in this state.

Step 5 - Rinse Solution Out

In order to remove your cleansing solution from your lashes, you must dump the small bowl of solution out then fill the small bowl with clean cold water. Place the lashes in the cold water and them them soak for 3-5 minutes.

Step 6 - Drying Time

Gently remove lashes from the cold water and place them on a towel to dry. Drying time should take about 10 minutes! Try not to touch them while they are drying.

Step 7 - Brushing and Shaping The Lashes

If the lashes are dry, use your clean mascara wand/spoolie to brush the eyelashes. Doing this will reshape the lashes back to their original state and help them look fluffy once again!

Step 8 - Finish In Lash Box

To keep your lashes safe, place your lashes back into its lash case. You can even use an antibacterial whip to clean you lash box if you feel the need too. Now they are ready for their next use!

If you feel like this helped you, feel free to leave a comment in the form below or share this with your friends! I’d love to hear about how you clean your lashes too. Thanks for reading!