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Sara K & Her Newest YouTube Video "Easy Makeup Tutorial For Face Masks"

Sara K & Her Newest YouTube Video "Easy Makeup Tutorial For Face Masks"

Sara K’s newest YouTube video posted on August 14th, 2020 “Easy Makeup Tutorial For Face Masks” has really sparked our attention. If you don’t know Sara K and her YouTube Channel then you are definitely missing out!

Sara used to be a gymnast, but after injuring both knees and receiving surgery, she realized she would no longer be able to do gymnastics. Sara later started her YouTube Channel with her passion for makeup tutorials and her YouTube world grew from there. It’s possible this passion was first an outlet and soon became a wonderful new chapter in her life. From glamour looks to personal blogs, Sara K’s Channel has got it all.

During this pandemic, she has been posting more inspiring and empowering videos for her subscribers which shows she truly cares for her fans! Now, this recent video of hers called “Easy Makeup Tutorial For Face Masks” really caught our eyes as this specific video demonstrates a natural glam look for face masks to shake up your day. It is described in her video as a “simple and easy look”. If you know Sara, she is always real and true to life with a scoop of corkiness on the side! The jokes and her lovely self is what makes her so appealing to watch. She has a natural essence about her and the comedy is a true bonus! You can tell how much she genuinely cares for her subscribers as she helps lift your spirits while the world is in crazy chaos. It seems to us that she cares about her fans because they have helped her through a hard time in her life. They have given her so much love and support that she enjoys giving the same energy back to them! This is truly a wonderful YouTuber and Fan based relationship.

What stood out in her YouTube video was more than just caring for her fans and meeting them on a deep level, it was how she described and presented the look before continuing the tutorial. Sara wanted to create this look because of how the pandemic has changed everyone’s new normal with a required face mask. We can tell she has a great heart by her agenda to cater to everyone especially those who have been emotionally impacted by the pandemic. We think there is a profound and unsaid meaning behind this specific video that relates to all of us. The most human thing about us is that we have the ability to show emotion which is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, this pandemic has not been easy for anyone. We can’t even lift someone’s spirits in a grocery store with a simple smile, however, we still have emotion in our eyes and maybe sometimes we forget about that. They say the eyes are the windows to our souls, so why not express how we feel with our eyes? We believe Sara K has displayed all of this very well while keeping a positive mindset and this is why we were so excited to see her come out with this video. It’s exactly why we started CorWink Cosmetics! We always say you can smile with your eyes and doing this can build confidence while empowering one another throughout this pandemic! Sara has done an amazing job guiding her fans through troubling times and we can’t wait to watch more of her authentic videos!

Sara has also included an awesome link to purchase face masks that include PM 2.5 carbon filter! You can check that out here!

If you are interested in watching her recent video, click here!